On-going Projects (PI)

Non-Practicing Entities and Innovation in Europe - NPEIE (ANR JCJC)

NPEIE is a project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR - JCJC). Its principal objective is to constitute the first systematic and extensive research programme aiming at punctually qualifying and quantifying the phenomenon of Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) entering and affecting the market for technologies and innovation in Europe.

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Submitted Papers

  • "Dancing with the Stars: Innovation and Human Capital Accumulation through Interactions" (with U. Akcigit, S. Caicedo, E. Miguelez, S. Stantcheva), NBER Working Paper No. 24466 (2018). PDF. [R&R at Econometrica]

In Preparation

  • "Patent Assertion Entities and follow on innovation. Evidence from patent transfers at the USPTO" (with G. Orsatti)

  • "Labour Mobility and Spillover from Multinationals in Emerging Countries" (with E. Miguelez)

  • "Dissemination of Academic Knowledge and Monetization of University patents" (with S. Fusco, F. Lissoni and C. Martinez)

  • "Do universities look like trolls? An Empirical Study of University Patent Infringement Litigation in United States" (with G.S. Ascione, L. Ciucci, and C. Detotto)

  • "MNEs nd Knowledge Transfers in France" (with A. Garsaa, M. Marino and P. Parrotta)

  • "NPE Patenting Activity in Europe" (with C. Maronero, J. Van der Pol, A. Vezzulli)

  • "NPEs, Patent Quality and Litigation Strategies across European Jurisdictions" (with C. Maronero and A. Vezzulli)

Published Papers

  • "Non-practicing entities and transparency in patent ownership in Europe" (with Jean-Paul Rameshkoumar and Johannes Van Der Pol), Technological Forecasting and Social Change (Forthcoming)

  • "Patent assertion entities and patent ownership transparency: strategic recording of patent transactions at the USPTO", Journal of Competition Law and Economics (Forthcoming)

  • "The Transfer and Value of Academic Inventions when the TTO is one option" (with N. Carayol), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (2021)

  • "The impact of the abolishment of the professor’s privilege on European university-owned patents" (with C. Martinez), Industry and Innovation (2021)

  • Patent Management by Universities: Evidence from Italian Academic Inventions (with F. Lissoni and M. Pezzoni), Industrial and Corporate Change (2019, 28(2): 309–330)

  • "Do IPRs reinforcement facilitate international technological cooperation in the emerging countries?" (with F. Montobbio & A. Primi), Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, (2015, 106(2): 187-204)

  • "The role of early career factors in the formation of serial academic inventors" (with C. Lawson), Science and Public Policy, (2014, 41(4): 464-479)

  • "The globalization of technology in emerging markets: a gravity model on the determinants of international technological collaborations" (with F. Montobbio), World Development, (2013, 44:281-299)

  • "Social Conformity and Suicide" (with A. Bussu and C. Detotto), The Journal of Socio-Economics, (2013, 42: 67-78)

  • "Patent Quality and Ownership: an Analysis of UK Faculty Patenting", Research Policy, (2013, 24(2): 564-576)

  • "Career progress in centralized academic systems: Social capital and institutions in France and Italy" (with M. Pezzoni and F. Lissoni), Research Policy, (2012, 41(4): 704-719)

  • "The role of family in suicide rate in Italy" (with C. Detotto), Economics Bulletin, (2011, 31(2): 1509-1519)

  • "Inventing Together: Exploring the Nature of International Knowledge Spillovers in Latin American" (with F. Montobbio), Journal of Evolutionary Economics, (2011, 21(1): 53-89)

Unpublished Papers

  • "Comparative Study of the Use of Patents in Different Industries" (with L. Orsenigo), KITeS Working Papers 33 (2010) PDF

Book chapters

  • Inter-industry spillovers (with F. Montobbio and R. Kataishi), in Cantner, Guerzoni, Vannucini (ed.) Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Industrial Dynamics and Evolutionary Economics. Edward Elgar Publishing. Chapter 7, (2021)

  • University patenting and the quest for technology transfer policy models in Europe (with C. Martinez), chapter in Varga A. and Erdos K. (eds.), Handbook of Universities and Regional Development Edward Elgar (2019)

  • Knowledge based entrepreneurship and emerging economies (with F.Malerba, S. Mani, X. Wu, A. Yudanov), in Malerba F., Caloghirou Y. McKelvey M. and Radosevic, S. (ed.) Dynamics of Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship. Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organization and Technology. Chapter 15, (2016)

  • International Patenting and Knowledge Flows in Latin America (with F. Montobbio), in Lee K., Hall B. (ed.) Intellectual Property for Economic Development: Issues and Policy Implications. Edward Elgar Publishing. Chapter 7. Forthcoming, (2013)

  • Inventing Together: Exploring the Nature of International Knowledge Spillovers in Latin America (with F. Montobbio), in A. Pyka, M. Fonseca. (editors) Catching Up, Spillovers and Innovation Networks in a Schumpeterian Perspective. Springer. Berlin, Germany. p. 81-118, [also published in Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 2011 (21), pp.53-89.], (2012)